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I'm Paquetia (sounds like pakeytah).


I guide frustrated individual contributors to construct their unique career strategy, empowering them to articulate their value, identify their career trajectory, grow their salary, and build professional freedom.

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My Story

I've grown my 20+ year professional career in Technology & Operations as a project management professional. I began my journey as an Administrative Assistant. It's important to mention that I'm a non-technical employee because that truth dismantles the perspective that you have to be a technical SME to thrive in a technical environment. I've held many roles in Technology, from Administrative Assistant to Asst. VP of Risk and Compliance. Today, I'm a Sr. IT Consultant, Certified Scrum Master, Agile PM/BA.

Over the last 4years, as a senior consultant, I've had the privilege of mentoring and coaching junior PMs and BAs in my corporate role. As they enter the organization, I've guided them in their new roles and supported their development. For my own clients, I'm able to take them further through my 6-week program. As a Certified Career Development Coach, I've had more than 125+ hours of practicum training through the Experts Coaching Academy in 2020 and several more hours of dedicated coaching encounters.

During my 20+ professional career, I've experienced the highs and lows of career growth, transition, layoffs, furloughs, and seasons of uncertainty. I've also struggled to find my footing, know if I was in the right role, not to mention the frustration of a salary that didn't match my effort. I know personally the rollercoaster of emotions that comes from developing professionally, with little to no guidance. Because of this empiricism, I offer my clients a unique personal perspective and connection on a deeper level.


It would be my pleasure to advocate for you as you take this next step in your journey.


Here is how I advocate for you

I teach people how to create successful career strategies. I do this in a couple of ways to ensure my clients achieve the best results.

I walk you through a discovery process. You will get to the heart of your decision to make career adjustments in this season. Together, we will get clear about your WHY. We begin by identifying the current challenges as you see them and create clear goals to remediate them. We'll also work on mindset and belief systems because our biggest enemy against taking risks is often inside our heads. We attack those thoughts and behaviors that prevent us from moving forward and replace them with behaviors that lead to progress. We'll also remove the ambiguity from your career path. You will learn how to research the skills and experience you need to bridge the gap and move as necessary. Additionally, because your community is such a huge part of career growth. I'll help you understand why relationship building is a critical path to your success and show you how to do it with precision.

Expertise: career transition, resume optimization, professional growth, strategic planning, personal development, confidence building techniques, negotiation, interview readiness, supportive guidance and advocacy, job search strategy, and mindset development.


Interested in working with me, or having me participate in your event, email or call me. I'm always looking for new opportunities to connect and build.