Career Conversion 6 Week Group Coaching Program

Career transition is the hardest part of career growth. Translating your skills, conveying your value, knowing when to move, or understanding if you are in a suitable space is difficult to work through. The Career Conversion program simplifies that process for you.


This 6-week intensive will focus on getting you to discover WHY it matters. We will dismantle the mindsets that limit your progression. Reveal your ideal role or career path, help you optimize your skills and experience, and show you how to position yourself for your next move.  
Next, we walk through getting the most from LinkedIn, Performance Reviews, and increasing your reach professionally. If you are ready to really push, do the work and see the change you envision, let’s begin today.

PaquetiaGoodwin white blazer

Paquetia Goodwin
Certified Career Development Coach

In this 6 week program you will:

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