The Resume reBrand online course is resume building unlocked. This VoD is an in-depth tutorial to help you construct an optimized, high-performing resume. This course is a deep dive into our Resume Checklist and follows our signature resume service steps.  There is more than an hour of content covering everything from the standard Word document layout to understanding how to make your resume searchable on job sites like LinkedIn. 

Here is some of what it will cover:

  • Style and Formatting

  • Section and section elements

  • Keywords and Phrases, identifying the correct content for your resume

  • ATS Uploads

  • Versioning

  • Why LinkedIn matters

  • How to appear in search on LinkedIn

  • What sections need to be updated in LinkedIn

If you have struggled in the past to produce a high-performing resume,  if your resume never brings in the desired results or attracts the right audience, this course is for you.


Updating your resume should never be a one-time event. This is your personal marketing tool. It will capture your career history and significant professional accomplishments. The messaging represents the best of your work life and should work effortlessly to show your value.  If a career transition or entry into the job market is part of your future, add this course to your toolkit.

Cost: $97 USD