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Hi I'm Paquetia

Sounds like Pa-key-Ta

I'm a self-proclaimed WAM (wife and mother).  My life exists in several acts...

Personally, I'm a wife and a mother of four. It's my biggest and proudest accomplishment to date. Professionally, I'm a Consultant, CSM, and Certified Career Coach. I'm also a freelance writer and blogger.

My Services

I know the feeling of being in a job that no longer fulfills you. I know the feeling of sitting at my desk staring at nothing wishing I was anywhere but here. I know what it's like to know that I can do more, I deserve more, but not really sure what "more" is and how to get there. Wishing there was a blueprint, a cheat sheet anything to help me get un-stuck.


Maybe that's where you are now. Just stuck. Maybe you've passed that moment and you're ready to do something different. Perhaps you've started dreaming about a workweek on your own terms...one where the office is a few feet from your bedroom door and the big meeting with your boss is your morning pep-talk in the mirror because...you're your own boss.


If any of this resonates with you...you're not alone. I've been there. I'd love to help you get un-stuck and Discover You.

From My Blog

Let's Do Something Together!!

Interested in collaborating on a project or working with me on a post?

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Client Experience

My goal is that each and every interaction has a meaningful and lasting impact. So, even if we don't work together, I endeavor to arm you with information and tips, that help you continue moving forward in your journey. My work is attached to my purpose, and that motivates me to help you get connected to yours.

Check out what clients are saying about their experience!!

My experience with LLRPG was like a trip to urgent care! No fuss, URGENT help received. Not only did she provide a complimentary consult, but triage to my thinking and mindset about future career paths. The service was relevant, concise, and professional.

T. Benjamin

7.2.2020 - Introductory Coaching Session

I had a great experience. I immediately knew after my consultation that I wanted to proceed. This helped me discover myself and my own business. I really appreciate the time and attention I was given. I would gladly do this all over again or even recommend this to someone else. Thank You

T. Smith

7.4.2020 - Discover You

Paquetia listened to the goals for my next employment role and some of the concerns I presented about my current resume. She was honest and direct and offered good insight! It was an efficient and timely process which I LOVED!

L. Ruff

Resume reBrand

The content postings of “getcho life and grow” have really challenged me to look and realize what I have To offer my company. I appreciate the kick in the pants

K. Parker


I struggled with explaining my qualification, and Paquetia did a fantastic job translating my experience on my resume. I am now more confident in sending out my new resume. Ohh, and a speedy turnaround on my resume makeover. Thank you!!


Resume reBrand

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