Discover you - 8 week program

Often, what we do helps to define us, gives us value and helps to further the purpose in our lives. When what we do becomes a source of frustration or unfulfillment, it is easy to become frustrated and stuck. We quickly find ourselves stuck in a purposeless job, stuck with resentment, stuck in our thoughts and stuck with indecision. It can be equally challenging and crippling when you lack the tools to discover the source of discontentment or the clarity to plan a way forward. I know these struggles because this was my personal experience. I know the value of support and perspective that comes from learning from someone who was able to successfully overcome and course-correct. This is why this program was created.

Your path is not theirs. What worked for a previous generation, may not be your calling. Let's figure out what your path looks like.

Let's Discover You!


Discover Your WHY

 Our first exercise is to figure out WHY we are here, at this moment. Having a clear understanding of how you've arrived at this decision or this impasse in your career will be a key step in the Discovery process.


Identify Your WHAT

Imagine your morning routine, does it involve a hectic schedule with getting your family prepared for the day? Do you spend your commute lamenting about another day at a job that doesn't fulfill you? By the end of the day, do you feel that it was all worth it to provide for your family, or are there feelings of misplaced resentment because you simply want more? By the second step, we will spend time discovering what drives you, your values, your priorities, what is keeping you stuck and how it relates to the reasons you need to make some changes.

Let's uncover what's keeping you from your next level


uncover your aspirations

When you close your eyes, how do you envision your career future? What does it look like to you? What type of schedule do you have? Do you have an office or are you sitting at your kitchen table? Are you commuting? How long is it?

What does breakfast smell like?

Let's uncover the career you're destined for.


Design Your Dream

We take what we have discovered about your why, your drive, values, priorities and blockers. Using that information, we will to create your Personal Dream Map, (PDM). This is your individualized roadmap to aid in your progress towards designing your dream!  


Execute Your PLAN

Now that your dream is clear, let's seize it full on.  We'll focus on building your community and laying the foundation for your re-brand. This includes crafting a social-media presence that will ensure you are attracting a targeted audience to showcase your skills and presenting your new dream self!

Exploratory Coaching Session

This complimentary 50 minute session introduces you to the coaching experience. it's aimed to provide clarity and direction, and help you decide how you would like to move forward in your coaching journey.

The Power Sixty

The Power Sixty is a 60 minute session designed to uncover what's blocking you from moving forward in defining your career direction. 

The $97 TPS includes:

  1. Personal career assessment

  2. Assessment breakdown report

  3. Recommended mindset changes

  4. 7 day success roadmap.

Image by Bram Naus

The Resume reBrand

The Resume reBrand is like a spa-day for your resume. We'll give your resume a much needed face-lift and make it relevant for today's modern, highly skilled and competitive market.